Publish project

Once your project has all the source strings, it is ready to be translated. In order to do so, we harness the power of your global user base. Users can use the dedicated contributor page to provide translations and upvote existing ones.

  1. Go to Settings in the sidebar and enable the Allow translation option.
  2. Next, select Publish in the sidebar.

Here, you’ll find your public translation link. This is the link that you can share publicly with your community.

Users who access this link will land on the contributor page where they can provide translations for your project.

If you want to provide a link for a specific language, simply select that language from the dropdown list. This action will append a language parameter to the link. Users who visit this link will be directed straight to the contributor page for the selected language.

How you distribute your public translation link is entirely up to you. Consider sharing it on social media platforms like Twitter, including it in your newsletter, displaying it on your website, embedding it in your app, and more. Remember, the key to getting your project translated quickly is to attract as many users as possible to your contributor page.

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