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Import your source strings

Import your localization files from Xcode, Android Studio, or any other tool. All major file formats are supported, including
. The source strings get automatically extracted from your localization files, including comments, plurals, arrays and context.

Your users translate your project

Share the public translation link with your users and let them help translate your app. They can upvote previously contributed translations, or propose a better translation themselves. Every time a user contributes to a translation, it will increase in confidence. From low to medium to high. The best ones will automatically get selected.

Export the translations

When you're ready to export the translations, simply choose the file format you'd like to export to and select the languages you want to include. You get a clear overview of the translation progress and confidence of each language. Then, simply download the generated localization file and import it right back into your developer tools.

Key features

Works with Xcode

Simply export your localizations from Xcode and import the generated
file directly into CrowdTranslate. Once translation is complete, import the translated localization files back into Xcode with ease. It just works.

Works with Android Studio

Easily import your
file from Android Studio into CrowdTranslate. After translation, simply add a new Resource File with the appropriate locale for the translated file.

Works with everything else

Import your localization files from any source. If it's a supported file format, you can use CrowdTranslate to get your project translated.

Dedicated contributor page

Guide your users to the dedicated contributor page where they can efficiently contribute new translations or upvote existing ones. Also special keyboard shortcuts are supported to speed up the power users.

Import localization files

Import the localization files that you already have. The source strings (including their keys and comments) are automatically extracted and imported, ready for translation.
Supported file formats

Export localization files

Easily export your translations in any format you prefer, including the option to change the file format from the one you imported originally.
Supported file formats

Effortless import newer versions

Easily import newer versions of your localization files. The existing translations will be seamlessly transferred over, ensuring that all of the translation work and progress is never lost. You can even revert back to a previous version.

Confident translations

As users collectively provide the same translation for a phrase or vote for an existing translation, the confidence level of the translation rises from low, to medium, to high. You can set the minimum confidence level for the translations you like to export.

Import existing translations

Import existing translations and indicate how confident your are about them. Users can then upvote or provide improved translations to enhance accuracy.

Choose contributing languages

Control language contributions by selecting preferred languages. Choose specific languages or allow contributors to submit translations in any language.

Plurals and arrays support

Plurals and arrays defined in a
file are fully supported for comprehensive language localization. When exporting to another format, they are converted for maximum compatibility.

Handpick translations

Optionally handpick the best translations to lock them in and prevent changes by future contributions. This is helpful when you feel confident in a translation's accuracy.

What others are saying

“Finally an easy to use localization tool for us indie developers. 🙌 It's really just as simple as uploading the strings, tweeting the translation link, waiting a few days, and importing the translations back into Xcode. Been able to confidently ship Replacicon in 6 languages within just days. 🚀🚀🚀
Developer of Replacicon

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