Project settings

To update any settings of your project, select Settings in the sidebar.


The basics.

Project title

The title of your project. This will be visible to your contributors.

Project icon

The icon of your project. Usally the app icon. This will be visible to your contributors.

Source language

The language of the original source strings of your project.

This is where you can set your own ‘domain’ basically. It makes the public translation url more readable and recognizable to your contributors.


Settings related to the translation process.

Allowed target languages

By default contributors can contribute to any language. If you want to restrict them to certain languages only, you can add them here.

Allow translation

When you are still setting up your project, you can disable translation. This will prevent contributors from seeing your public translation link and thus contributing translations.

Show comments to contributors

Usually you want to show the comments you added to your source strings, to provide more context of a string to your contributors. However, developer tools sometimes add arbitrary comments by default which would be of no help. In this case it might be desirable to hide the comments.

Danger zone

Caution is adviced.

Remove project

Think twice before clicking this.