Import newer source strings

Over time, your project may undergo changes, requiring updates to the source strings. Here’s how you can update them on CrowdTranslate:

First, ensure you’ve exported the updated source strings in one of the supported file formats.

Then, follow these steps:

  1. In the sidebar, select the localization file for which you’d like to upload the updated source strings.
  2. Click Import newer version in the menu located in the upper-right corner.

A popup will appear that allows you to upload the newer source strings.

Version name

Choose a name that reflects the changes, e.g., the corresponding app version number, to make it meaningful and easily identifiable.

Localization file

Select the file you’ve previously exported, containing all the updated source strings.

Click Upload to finish the process.

CrowdTranslate will try to match strings to the best of its ability in order to preserve existing translations.