Browse translations

Once your users have submitted their first contributions, you can start to browse through the translations.

Languages with translations

On the Overview page, find the Targets section. This area lists all the languages for which translations have been provided.

Next to each language, you’ll see a percentage. This figure represents the proportion of source strings that have received at least one translation.

Additionally, you’ll notice a color-coded progress bar. This bar illustrates the distribution of translations based on confidence levels - low, medium, or high. The confidence level is determined by the number of upvotes a translation has garnered. The greener the bar, the more confidence you can have in the translation’s accuracy.

Strings and their translations

By clicking on a language, you can view all the source strings in the original language, alongside the best available translation in the selected language. The translations column indicates how many unique translations have been provided for a specific string. Additionally, you’ll notice a colored dot that signifies the confidence level of the translation.

ℹ️ If your project contains more than one localization file, to view the source strings overview, select a file in the sidebar first, and then click on a language.

Viewing all translations of a source string

To view all translations provided for a specific string, click on the row of that string. You’ll see the source string in its original language and all its corresponding translations. These translations are ordered by confidence level (also denoted by a colored dot). The top-rated translation is automatically selected and highlighted in blue.

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