Import source strings

To import the source strings of your project, they must first be exported from your developer tool. For more on this, see Exporting localization files.

Once your source strings are exported in one of the supported formats, they’re ready for uploading to CrowdTranslate.

In the sidebar, locate the Localization files section and click on the Import file button or the Plus icon. This action will open a popup for uploading your localization file.

Version name

Choose a name that’s meaningful to you. For instance, consider using the same version number as your app version. This method can assist in matching localization files to their corresponding app versions when updating source strings later.

Localization file

Select the file you’ve previously exported that contains all your source strings.

Then, click the Upload button. Your file will be uploaded, and all source strings, including all keys, comments and context, will be parsed in the background. The page will refresh within a few seconds to display your uploaded file.

Multiple localization files

If your source strings are divided across multiple files, remember that it’s possible to upload more than one localization file. To do so, repeat the process as described above. When translating your strings, contributors won’t discern that the strings originate from different files. Bear in mind, however, that each localization file must be exported separately when the time comes to export your translations.

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