Manage contributors

On the Overview page of project, and in the translations popup of a source strings, you can see the contributors mentioned who provided translations.

The names shown are randomly assigned to preserve the privacy of the contributor. The country-flag is based on the contributor’s IP address.

Overview of all contributors

For a comprehensive view of all contributors:

  1. Click on Overview in the sidebar.
  2. Locate the Top contributors section.
  3. Click the View all contributors button at the bottom of this section.

You’ll then see a list of all contributors along with the number of contributions each has provided.

Deleting a contribution

If you encounter an inappropriate or unhelpful translation, you can investigate other contributions by that specific contributor. Simply click on the contributor’s name to view all their contributions (translations and upvotes). To delete a single contribution, click the Trash icon on the right of the contribution.

Deleting all contributions

If you wish to delete all contributions from a specific contributor, click Delete all contributions in the menu on the upper-right.

Blocking a contributor

In the event that a contributor is spamming your project, you may want to block them by clicking Block in the upper-right menu. This will prevent the contributor from providing any future contributions to your project, but their existing contributions will remain intact. If you wish to remove these, please see ‘Deleting all contributions’. You can unblock a contributor at any time by clicking Unblock in the upper-right menu.